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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 17, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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>> with all due respect to kim kardashian, she might have broken the internet, but we fixed it. on the show tonight, obama care's evolving shift. the white house tries to keep a nuclear deal in its grip. senator mary landrieu cracks the whip. first, our special time travel episode. there are a cluster of issues going into the future and we do not have the patience to see how they get there. we'll use our clairvoyance to answer the question over and
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over again, what's next? it is widely reported president obama's executive action would allow 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the united states to live and work legally. it was said the threat to issue the order will be notified if publicans would turn over a bill that would address the border and a path to citizenship. >> give me a bill that addresses those issues. i will be the first 20 sign it and metaphorically, i will crumble up whatever executive action that will be taken we will toss it in the wastebasket because we will now have a law that addresses these issues. >> we assume the next move is the president issues and executive order. after that, which side has a stronger hand? >> the present has a stronger hand now and going forward. a lot of people supporting him will be happy. the people against him will be confused and angry and there
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will be a lot of publicans discussing what to do next. advantage, president obama. >> i thought last week, the president was underestimating the degree to which republicans could react in a way to this that would put him on the defensive. we talked about this last week but in china, where is the coalition who supports what the president is doing? does business supported? religious groups? i think if president obama bills a coalition, his hand could be stronger. >> at first i did not know, but i think this is political genius. he is in a great position. he could make the republicans fight with each other and make every republican candidate for president take an issue that would position them poorly for 2016. >> maybe he delays the executive order, but he doesn't before the spending deadline comes up with a have to pass money to keep the governments what are the republicans' next move? >> they could sign the bill and defund the government, which would be bad. they could shut the government
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down, which would be bad. it could try to impeach the president, which i don't think which would be bad. >> they could go to court. >> that is the holding action and i think it the best move for republicans. it may not get them very far. >> it is the best of times and worst of times for obamacare. more than 100,000 signed up at the aca is at its lowest approval rating in the recent gallup poll. many republicans are vowing to repeal the law. the president is forced to justify his jeep. you can tell he is getting a little sick of it. >> i would advise all of -- every press outlet here, go back and pull up every clip, every story, and i think it is fair to say that there was not a provision in the health care law that was not extensively debated
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and was fully transparent. >> given everything that is going on with obamacare, the question is whether the president is playing on offense or on defense in the coming weeks. i want you to try to answer without saying liar liar, pants on fire. >> he still remains on the defensive about things that happen to americans, losing their doctors, higher premiums. none of those things were sufficiently debated. i think the jury is still out on how many people will be a firstly affected, particularly the question of premium increases. today, over the weekend it was good for the president. i think the new secretary of health and human services is proving to be a competent administrator and i think republicans like a sensible, unified way to talk about it. >> the medical device tax, the 30-hour workweek thing. republicans will probably win little victories in those areas.
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they will not repeal the law, but all that matters as they will not repeal the law and a full way. he has to worry about the supreme court, but he is in a great position. the laws in the books. every day it stays on the books it is a good for >> him and his legacy. it suggests -- it is good for his legacy. >> polson adjusted is getting more popular. one is the loneliest number, especially if you are mary landrieu. it is unclear where a sixth60th vote would come from. it would not come from mark udall or tim johnson. those are senators that plan on voting no, along with independent senator, angus king. assuming they get it to the president's desk, is this not a big issue going forward? >> i have a feeling he will not get to the president's desk. it is a divisive issue.
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there is a way in which -- and i know you will talk about this in a second -- this could end up not dividing the parties, but it is so emotional for so many people on the left that it is hard to imagine that if the president vetoes it or gets overwritten or the present somehow signs it that a big part of the democratic party will not be upset. i think they will be very upset. >> the democratic party's upset at the president is a different song to what we normally here in washington. mary landrieu and other democrat support this. the president is not officially opposing the keystone pipeline. he has not moved quickly to get it signed into law. i think it is possible to get to his desk, possible he will sign it, the more possibly he will veto it and wait to see what happens. again, it is not what republicans do. they can be the president up, but there is no election anytime soon. >> is it better or worse for mary landrieu if he vetoes assigns it? >> better if he signs it, because he has something.
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the chance to beat -- that guy is kind of a clown, the weight she is casting him in her ad. i think that is the way to win. the veto shows that washington is in gridlock. >> this morning's "new york times" reports that the president's national security advisers are saying that a chance of reaching a nuclear deal with iran is 40%-50%. the russians are skeptical and the biggest opposition is israel, and even some publicans and democrats. this is a cornerstone issue and his foreign-policy legacy. is there any way that this can be a political winner for him under current circumstances? >> i don't understand the trajectory. israel is going to be opposed, almost certainly. i am not sure there will be one. i think the public odds are too high. if he fails once again, he fails to succeed in his plan to
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negotiate with iran. if he gets it a deal, it will be widely denounced in the united states by political leaders will follow what israel does. i think that is a disaster. he can go for with that deal. >> i agree. i don't know if that is quite right. it depends on the deal. the biggest problem now is this week and straight -- weekend state. >> even if the deal is good on the merits, if israelis or post to it, i think a lot of american and congressional public opinion will be against it. >> there is no doubt it would be. you can argue on the merits for a good bill. you can argue for is a bill that dick durbin thinks is too soft. >> in the scheme of thing, the president has a lot on his plate. this is a big thing. the military option is not there and there is tons of skepticism about it. i go back to israel.
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you cannot sign a deal with a country that is in mortal threat to them if they say the deal does not keep them say. >> if there is a deal in present obama's court, would hillary clinton before or against it? >> that is another place where netanyahu is against it and the iranians are not just caving, it feels are to feel out a political trail for. >> this is you. the darkest is the white house confronted this weekend is the another beheading of a u.s. citizen by isis. mitt romney was on "face the nation." >> when the president says isis is a cancer and it must be eliminated, he is right. you don't say, we are only going to use the following tools are doing so. you say, we will do whatever it takes. >> given the facts on the ground, the latest beheading and the nature of isis' continues
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stronghold, can the president keep the coalition here at home and around the world together? >> as long as isis keeps beheading americans, he will keep the coalition together. every time they do something like this, they strengthen the president and. some people want the present to go further. a lot of the country does not want that. he has been pushed to do more, not less. i think the resolve and will of the u.s. and the coalition is strong and will continue. >> what you think about the idea that isis has nuclear weapons? that is one case where ground troops would be us. >> i think there would be a unified, 95% look support under the circumstance, the threat of a nuclear isis would be apocalyptic almost. >> what i worried about is this thing on immigration, they have
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a fight over the budget. there is test relations between the parties, and you have presidential candidates in congress as well as a lot of congressional leaders abandon you the president. not withdrawing all support, but not giving him the fund he needs because they like clarity. that would be bad for the country, that for the president. >> i thought you were going to talk about dempsey calling isis a bunch of midgets. i was going to agree with that too. the government like it shut down, and one of our guests may play a part. we will see when we come back. ♪
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>> our guest is not one of the republicans in commerce who thinks the gop should be playing nice with president obama. he represents the first district of kansas. he is a phd and is not afraid about talking about a possible government shutdown. congressman, hello. we are talking a lot about
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scheduled shutdowns in the immigration action and all that. senator mcconnell has been exposing about taking the shutdown off the table. you think is making mistake taking that out of the arsenal? >> i think one man gets to determine whether that is a shutdown. that is the president of the united states. his inability to negotiate is a most legend. we could send out a bill, but the last four years, harry reid has prevented the resident from having to negotiating. we are looking forward to seeing what is common misers. i find it interesting that the public is take over the senate and add to the numbers in the house and the president's overseas for a week. we will see what he brings back. >> i want to get a sense of your political judgment about something. i know you say the president is the only one who can cause the shutdown, but the perceived wisdom, or conventional wisdom in your party is government
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shutdowns with a democrat president or public and congress will hurt your party. you think the shutdown is the right thing to do or bad politics? or do you think it could be good politics for your party? >> every republican i know of ran as a conservative. they were going to push back on the agenda of this president and they won. going back on her word, now it's time to -- >> very specifically, if the government shuts down, just on the politics, not on principle, is that a fight you believe your party could win? even though in the past democrats have tended to win t hose fights? >> if you look back i think we have one in the last 12 months since the shutdown. we found out that pushing back -- the house cannot shut the government down. we will send a bill to the president to keep the government i'm confident of that. the president -- will
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the president negotiate and compromise? >> the president's posture is that there is a bipartisan bill that has been passed by the senate, and would probably pass on an up or down vote in the house. he is trying to address a problem that he would describe as a public policy problem related to the dreamers and others. if the executive action was not undertaken and there was no comprehensive immigration reform, what we do propose to with the people that the exec of action is both to deal with? >> have an immigration problem. we have plenty of ideas in house to solve. we need to fix the broken immigration system. we have passed a number of bills and the house and senate. the president said my way or the highway. i don't think it is time for a comprehensive approach. we have to secure the border and starting position of the house.
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i think it is the starting position of the american people. the president seems to want to not start there. i think we can make progress on immigration, but the president does not want to go shoot and compromise. >> with those 5 billion people -- 5 million people whichwould you suggest they deport or self-support? >> i would like to know how many numbers we have. we do not know that for certain. i think the american people are clear. the first thing you do is secure the border. i think that was the mistake in 1986. the border was not secure, and led to our problems today. the president has run to a problem -- it is called the constitution. i think he perceives to order amnesty by executive and the -- executive action. you'll run into constitutional problems and political problems, which is why he waited six years. he has had six years to do this.
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he waited until his last election to do something that would probably be very popular. >> you are our second republican guest and a couple of weeks to not engage on a pretty direct question, so i will ask it again. you have more than five my people here illegally. i understand you don't approve of the way the president has handled this issue. i ask you to focus very directly on the question don was asking. what would you do, if you are president and congress passed whatever he wanted, what would you do about the 5 million, the 12 million, who are in this country illegally? >> i don't know how you know how many people are legally? >> you notice more than a million. forget the number. there is no one who would doubt that. >> i can't forget border security. the first thing you do is poor security. >> you want to do border security first, totally stipulate that. what do you supposed to do with the 8 million, 9 million, however many you think they are, forget the exact number, people here illegally, t want them
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deported, a massive call to deport them, do you want to let them self-deport, where are you? >> nobody i know is talking about deportation. that is what the president would like us to talk about. at the end of the day, he needs to congress with a proposal, a serious proposal. he has been in washington for 10 years. >> i'm sorry to bother you. >> there will not be mass deportations. >> you have a solution for what to do with those people, and if so, what is it? >> i want to know how many folks are here. >> it is 8 million. >> you don't know that. >> is a red herring to know what the -- to ask what the number is. >> it is a red herring to suggest the president would have any authority to somehow grant amnesty. the president has no plan other than to grant amnesty. >> do you have a plan to do something with those millions of people here a minute really -- here illegally? >> we have a plan to secure the border, and we would determine
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working together with the american people, how many overstayed their visa? how many here are legally? we need to look closely at the number. that is what the house has tried to do. the president will not get his way on every thing. we are willing to compromise but we will not grant amnesty. the president might try to do that. i think that is where he will run into a problem. the american people have rejected amnesty. they rejected the president's proposals, and i think he takes a real political news calculation to try to ram it through by executive order. >> thank you for coming on. don't ever say we didn't give you a chance to give you a chance to put forward a positive idea of your policy. we give you a bunch of chances and you did not go for. when we come back, it is national unfriend day. ♪
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>> thanks to our friend jimmy kimmel, we are celebrating another eight up holiday. it is national unfriend day. that is when you can sever ties with your alleged on facebook without feeling guilty about it. a lot of people who want to take advantage of this opportunity but they are too shy to do it done. we did it for them. >> it has been a wild week in the world of politics and we are here to tell you about the omg moments. who is unfriending who? our first story is an epic dead-tree slam. frank bruni calling bs on senator rand paul. paul is as much a political stable as a political reality and his suppose it's strengths pale beside his weaknesses. they are many.
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rand paul and frank bruni our --our first unfriending of the week. an example of someone being too cool for school. after jonathan gruber was caught on tape talking about the affordable care act a.k.a. obamacare. >> called the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really critical to get things past. >> former white house senior adviser david axelrod went full-social media fargo on gruber. he tweeted -- make a burn. jonathan gruber, you have been officially unfriended. our next relationship on the rocks, al franken and hillary clinton. on cnn, the democratic senator
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from minnesota was that's about the possibility that clinton won't face a primary challenger in 2016. >> i'm not a political analyst, and a very much doubt that she will be the only one. i am sure someone will jump in. >> epic slam. >> franken's at friendship is fried. birthdays are supposed to be fun, but on john boehner's 55th nancy pelosi snuck this righteous dig into her birthday tweet. >> entitlement smash. >> john boehner is one year older and leader pelosi is one friend it down. finally, our unfriending finale as nuclear negotiations are supposed to be wrapping up. ayatollah khomeini of iran shot off angry tweets about israel. john kerry just could not take it anymore.
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saying, they were on acceptable and shocking. talk about going nuclear. actually, this is rather serious. i am ashamed of the last graphic. that is it for this week's political unfriending's. remember to follow us on myspace, friends to her, and google plus. >> which of those do you think cut closest to the bone? >> our thanks to matt miller with his ready, steady pipes. ♪
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>> where only on half hour a day, but we are live 24/7 on the drug raids in the nfl and what it has to do with ray rice and everything going on. a troubled week of late. >> there is a piece on the site about how the environmental movement is gearing up to do with republicans taking control of the senate, already in
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control the house. you can read that and more on bloombergpolitics. "taking sto
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>> this is what i am taking stock of on monday, november 17 2014. the first activist agrees to pay $66,000 for the botox maker allergan. it ends the takeover battle. the other big deal involves the oil services giant halliburton. halliburton will pay more than $34 billion for baker hughes. it is the biggest takeover of a u.s. energy company in three years. japanese prime minister shinzo abe has had better days. the japanese economy is back in recession. it is the fourth


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